October 11, 2011


Vietnam to improve livestock industry 



Vietnam hopes to improve its livestock breeding industry by switching from household-based breeding to industrial farms, reports Vietnam News.


Modernisation will raise productivity, efficiency and competitive capacity, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development's Livestock Production Department director general said.


Hoang Kim Giao spoke in Ho Chi Minh City at a meeting with the international press, part of a program to promote Vietnam's livestock and aquaculture industry, as well as an international exhibition on livestock, dairy, meat-processing and aquaculture (ILDEX Viet Nam 2012) to be held in Ho Chi Minh City next March. Giao said under the Viet Nam Livestock Development Strategy, the pig population would increase to 35million by 2020, from 27.37million in 2010. By 2020, poultry and milk cow herds were expected to increase to 410,000 and 500,000 respectively, he said.


The livestock industry targets production of 6.7million tonnes of meat and 1million tonnes of milk, and focus on quality development, not just quantity, Giao said. Under the plan, the industry also targets an increase in exports from 2015 onward, he said.


To achieve these targets, the livestock industry has encouraged investment in building industrial farms, slaughterhouses and meat processing factories with advanced technology to improve disease-control capacity, ensure hygiene and food safety, and protect the environment. Preferential policies will be offered to encourage individuals and corporations to develop livestock production and shift to industrial farming, including financial support from the state to build infrastructure, and enable longer land-lease terms and lower fees.

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