October 11, 2011


Russia curbs African Swine Fever



Presently, veterinary services are proving effective to curb African Swine Fever in some states of the Russian Federation, according to an announcement at the latest meeting of Antiepizootic commission comprised of government officials, heads of health departments, Rospotrebnadzor, and some veterinary agencies.


The committee members discussed the plan of further measures to further prevent the spread of the virus in new districts.


Substantial progress has been made in Tver region and the Leningrad region, and according to veterinarians, the measures were timely and have helped to completely eliminate the risk of virus spread, not only to the households, but also to wild nature. However, experts said it is too early to relax.


According to experts, the main reason for the spread of African Swine Fever in the recent months was the unauthorised transportation of pork products and live pigs from regions where the virus outbreaks were detected, as well as use of infected food waste in animal feeding.


Nowadays, the problem is partially solved. In order to avoid dangerous situations, the Antiepizootic Commission is monitoring the status of wild boars.  In the near future, an awareness education program will be launched with private farms, so that the most effective ways to prevent animal infection can be considered.


Currently, the Krasnodar region is where veterinary services are actively struggling with the ASF. The last outbreak was recorded here in the region in September.

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