October 11, 2011


Adisseo Group exceeds 95% shareholding threshold in equity of Innov'ia

Press Release


Adisseo Holding has informed the board of Innov'ia that by October 10, 2011, it held more than 95% of the equity and voting rights in Innov'ia.


This is accomplished either directly or via its G4 subsidiary, in the form of shares already in its possession or shares acquired on the market as part of the voluntary repurchase offer underway following the acquisition by Adisseo Holding of a controlling share of almost 90% of Innov'ia's equity and voting rights.


The offer period will remain open until October 31, 2011, based on a price per share of EUR6.67 (US$9.06).


With the 95% threshold of the equity and voting rights being reached, Adisseo Holding will ask Euronext Paris SA to delist the Innov'ia shares currently listed on the Marché Libre. Unless the offer is extended, this request will be submitted on October 31, 2011­­, the date on which the offer ends, for delisting on November 7, 2011 following the publication of an announcement by Euronext Paris SA.


Following delisting, the Innov'ia shares will be of a purely registered nature and will be recorded in an account for this purpose in a register of shareholders maintained by the company.


Adisseo Holding would like to draw the Innov'ia shareholders' attention to the fact that due to the withdrawal of the shares from the Euronext Paris SA Marché Libre, the liquidity of the shares will be significantly reduced.