October 10, 2011


Bad weather devastates Pakistani province's poultry farms



Around 200 farms were destroyed completely by the monsoon rains in Pakistan's Sanghar province.


According to President District Poultry Association of Sanghar Chaudhry Muhammad Nawaz, Sanghar has around 500 big and small poultry farms which produce between 50 and 60 tonnes per day. Half of the production is consumed locally while the remaining 50% is sold in Karachi and Hyderabad markets.


Nawaz maintained that more than 200 farms in the district, mainly large farms, had been completely destroyed with millions of chicks dead. He informed that they breed over a million chicks per month. Nawaz, an expert of economics, said that livestock and poultry were the second most important sectors of economy after agriculture in Sanghar.


"Besides destroying the agriculture sector, the calamity has also devastated livestock and poultry sectors," he observed. The professor underscored the need of providing financial supports to all those sectors to ensure that they could stand on their feet again.  He added that the government should come to their help through loans.

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