October 10, 2011


Razgulay completes harvesting of grain crops



Razgulay Group finished harvesting its grain crops despite bad weather conditions in some regions.  


Gross harvest of winter wheat reached more than 310 thousand tonnes. The best yield was achieved by "Kurganinskagro", whose rate reached six tonnes of wheat per hectare, and exceeded the target by almost two tonnes. Average yields on farms amounted to three tonnes per hectare this year against 2.6 tonnes per hectare last year. The total area planted in 2011 exceeded 103 thousand hectares.


Spring barley crop was about 68 thousand tonnes. Maximum rate of yield was obtained by "Alekseevka-agroinvest" (Belgorod region) - 3.3 tonnes per hectare. The average yield reached 2.6 tonnes per hectare, which is 1.2 tonnes more than last year. The total area planted this year was more than 25 thousand hectares versus 6.5 hectares in 2010.


Winter barley, rye and triticale are harvested by 100%, spring wheat by 76%. The remaining 1250 hectares in the republic of Bashkortostan will be harvested in accordance with the schedule in the coming days. The total area under these crops is more than 10 hectares.


"We met all targets for cereal crops, due to the concerted action of all Razgulay employees, timely and quality conducted sowing and harvesting equipment preparedness. Now, the main task is to carry out as effectively oilseeds, rice and, of course, sugar beets. I am confident that our joint efforts will lead to good result, and this year we will get a decent harvest of all crops," said Alexey Demyanenko, Director of Agro-Directorate of Razgulay Group.

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