October 10, 2003



India Bans Cow Slaughter


On Wednesday, asserting that it was purely an economic issue but not a political or religious one, former Union Minister and People for Animals (PFA) Chairperson Maneka Gandhi called for "cow protection act" banning cow slaughter in the country, particularly in Kerala and West Bengal.


"The cows from the south get drained in Kerala and in West Bengal, of the north. It is then sent illegally to Bangladesh," Gandhi told reporters here.


Bangladesh exported one lakh tons of beef without rearing any "cow", she said, adding it also did not import them. "The entire trafficking is done illegally through the porous borders", she said.


"The demand for cow protection act has nothing to do with politics or religion...if we allow that the economy will go into a tailspin. Cow dung is very important for rural India," Gandhi said.


Lauding the recent move by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa to ban animal sacrifice, she said animal sacrifice persisted in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and parts of North Eastern states.


PFA's efforts have resulted in curbing animal sacrifice to some extent in Karnataka, she said.