Moba has announced that its new Moba France SAS office is open for business.

The new office, located in Plérin, France, strengthens Moba's presence and offers a single location for sales, support, parts and service of Moba equipment. The company has appointed Céline Rousseau as the managing director of Moba France SAS.

In September, Moba France celebrated the opening of the new office at the Space 2019 show in Rennes, France. "It was such a pleasure to celebrate this special occasion with customers," said Rousseau. "We were delighted to see many of our existing and new customers. We took this opportunity to also present the Moba France team."

With the new office, Moba will further strengthen its position in the French market. Moba's aim is always to be where their customers are.

The office will help Moba to work more closely with its customers and better serving them by enhancing the ability to respond proactively to their needs.

"The goal that I have set for my team and myself is to help customers in their search for the best possible fit for their operation," Rousseau added.

"Ensuring that our customers are fully satisfied with the final result is one of our main objectives. Together with the Moba France team, I am excited to help all customers take the next step with their business."

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