October 9, 2008
ADDCON Group appoints new sales manager
Press Release

Dr. Peter Theobald has been announced the European Sales Manager for ADDCON's feed additives.


After his graduation and promotion at the University of Gießen, Germany, Dr Theobald joined a leading German Premix- and Feed producer. Lately, Dr. Theobald was in charge of DSM's sales and technical marketing of feed additives.


"Initially my main focus will be the distribution of FORMI, a natural growth promoter which is now produced and distributed through the ADDCON network," said Dr. Theobald.


Bernd Kochannek, CEO of the ADDCON Group of companies, expresses his confidence that Dr. Theobald will be able to let producers enjoy the benefits of FORMI in cooperation with the company's business partners.


Germany-based ADDCON Group of companies develops and produces feed additives, silage starters and preservatives in Germany, Norway and China. The products are sold through its own entities or through distributors all around the world.

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