October 9, 2003



Antibiotic-Free Pig Developed by Shanghai, China


According to Shanghai Pig Breeding Association, a new type of pig feed, which is totally without antibiotic, has been successfully developed by Shanghai researchers. The newly-developed antibiotic-free pig feed is produced by highly natural biological reagents, and would be able to replace the antibiotic that is currently used by feed millers in the near future. There is no antibiotic residue left in the pigs raised by this new type of feed, and thus the term "antibiotic-free pig" is coined.


It is believed that the new pig feed may stimulate the country's exports of pork. Developed by the Shanghai Runtu Farming and Breeding Technology Company, the feed is made organically using natural preparations which can effectively restrain the growth of harmful bacteria and promote the growth of favorable bacteria. 


Unlike traditional feed with antibiotic supplemented, the new product will improve the immune system of pigs and cause no harm to human, because no antibiotics will be found in the pork. According to the Shanghai Pig Breeding Association, although China is the largest producer and market for live pigs in the world, pork exports still remain in a relatively low level.


Hailing this newly feed production technique as "leading the world's feed production technique and having reached the same level of European and American standards" the association believes that the newly produced feed would help Chinese pork exporters to open up overseas pig market in the near future.


Antibiotic-free pork is characterized as having subcutaneous fat of less than two centimeters thick and a plump shape. Without antibiotic residue left in the pigs, they taste much more tender and delicious.