October 8, 2008


Scottish Enterprise to support local industry in farming tilapia



Scottish Enterprise, an agency which focuses on industries with the potential to drive better economic growth, is looking at growing tilapia for the local aquaculture industry.


Recent research undertaken by the Institute of Aquaculture at Stirling University has identified that tilapia has been recognised as a highly suitable species of fish for low cost aquaculture as they can be grown on an herbivorous and protein diet.


Their white firm flesh also makes them a potential substitute for the diminishing white fish species. Under optimum conditions these fast growing warm water fish can reach market size of 500g in 6-8 months as opposed to trout and salmon which takes 18-24 months to reach market size, Kate Henderson of Scottish Enterprise commented


Research has also identified an unfulfilled demand for fresh tilapia from ethnic and green consumers as well as the high-end restaurants and hotels in urban areas.


The agency is looking to identify interested individuals and companies within Scotland who may already be an existing fish farmer, a farmer looking to diversify or process. They would also be interested in working with businesses that have a source of industrial waste heat who would like to participate in developing this technology as a business.


Expert advice and an introduction to the technologies would be given and on the job mentoring are being offered. Businesses will receive up to 15 days on the job mentoring. In addition, businesses will receive assistance to develop a marketing strategy in line with new product development.

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