October 7, 2022


Norway exported US$10.4 million worth of seafood this year



The Norwegian Seafood Council said Norway has exported NOK 109 billion (~US$10.4 billion; NOK 10 = US$0.95) between January to September 2022, a new record and NOK 24.3 billion (~US$2.3 billion) or 29% higher compared to the same nine months in 2021, Fish Information & Services reported.


Christian Chramer, the Norwegian Seafood Council's CEO, said Norwegian seafood exports this year have experienced impressive value growth; in September, the country passed the NOK 100 billion (~US$9.5 billion) threshold.


He said one factor contributing to the third quarter's record-high export value for Norwegian seafood was historically high prices.


Bjrnar Skjaeran, Norway's Fisheries and Oceans Minister, said the seafood industry's ranking as the nation's second-largest export sector has been confirmed by the year's first nine months' record-breaking value.


Skjaeran said the activity and value generated along the country's coastline can benefit Norway as a whole. By 2030, the government wants Norwegian exports, excluding those of oil and gas, to have increased by at least 50%.


He also said the seafood sector will play a significant role in helping to meet this goal based on this year's export data.


Norway exported seafood worth NOK 39 billion (~US$3.7 billion) in the third quarter of 2022, the most ever for a quarter. The previous record, which was set in the fourth quarter of 2021, was NOK 36.1 billion. (~US$3.4 billion).


Chramer said despite the current challenging times and COVID-19 pandemic, Norwegian seafood has maintained its strong global position, adding that seafood prices have increased due to higher production costs, logistical difficulties, and soaring food inflation in our most important markets.


But he also said these uncertain times as markets change quickly and purchasing power declines.


-      Fish Information & Services

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