October 7, 2022


Dutch poultry farmers told to confine birds to contain spread of bird flu



The Dutch government has ordered poultry farmers in the country to confine their birds to stop the spread of highly infectious bird flu, Nasdaq reported.


Piet Adema, the Dutch Agriculture Minister, said the high number of infections makes it clear that extra precaution is needed, adding that there have been several outbreaks in the past two months and that there are daily reports of dead wild birds in different parts of the Netherlands.


Although there is a low risk to humans, previous outbreaks among farm birds required extensive culling programmes to be contained.


Adema said the bird flu virus was still present in the Netherlands, and the situation won't get any better with the upcoming bird migration.


Over 10 cases of bird flu have been reported in the Netherlands over the past month.


After this year's worst bird flu wave in history, France has also seen a rise in cases.


Governments and the poultry industry are concerned about the spread of bird flu due to its capacity to decimate flocks, impose trade restrictions, and spread to humans.


-      Nasdaq

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