October 7, 2019

Addcon's Finnish distributor attends three-day programme in Germany



Addcon hosted its three-day academy programme for its new Finnish partner A-Rehu Oy in Germany last month.


According to the German company, which creates a range of products for the feed sector, food production and de-icing application, the event saw 22 attendees. A-Rehu Oy is a new distributor of Addcon's Kofasil and GrasAAT silage additives


"The initiative to organise such (a programme) came from (A-Rehu Oy) as they have many new employees who needed to be integrated and learn about milk production outside Finland," Addcon said.


"The structural development in Finnish dairy farm sector is very fast at the moment. The number of producers is decreasing by up to 10% annually without a decrease in produced volumes. This means a very fast growth in the average size of farms."


Addcon added that the farmers will face "totally new challenges." It explained: "(The farmers) need to quickly adapt their management... build new barns (and) acquire new technology for feeding and milking."


As such, Addcon's marketing and German sales unit organised five farm visits for the team from A-Rehu Oy.


"We had an opportunity to meet and listen to professional farm managers, to see fully automated feeding, robotic milking and other new investments [committed to] those farms," Addcon said.


The team visited the farms during the corn silage harvesting season. It also went to Addcon's headquarters in Bitterfeld, Germany, where it was updated on the company's recent developments and crucial knowledge in the use of Addcon's products with silage.


- Addcon