October 7, 2014


US$9.7 million for UK aquaculture research



US$9.7 million has been made available for research projects meant to promote a more sustainable aquaculture for the UK.


The research funds are coming from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and NERC, which gave US$4.02 million each. Other partners include CEFAS, Marine Scotland and AFBI.


The joint effort to boost UK's aquaculture is the first such activity for each of these groups.


The financial assistance will help researchers undertake multidisciplinary research projects concerning sustainable aquaculture via a joint BBSRC-NERC initiative.


According to Professor Jackie Hunter, BBSRC's chief executive, the expanding aquaculture sector, currently valued at US$966 million a year, has a vital role in driving the UK economy.


"Aquaculture is a vital part of future food security and we must fund research now to ensure sustainable sources of nutritious food in the years to come", Hunter said.


Worldwide, aquaculture is a key source of dietary protein for no less than a billion people.


As the capture of wild fish declines, farmed fish is seeing the fastest growth among the livestock sectors. The UK government has been encouraging its citizens to make it a part of their diets.

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