October 7, 2008

Roxell sells one millionth HaiKoo broiler feeding pan


Roxell's oval pan feeding system has penetrated broiler markets worldwide, with more than one billion broilers already grown on the oval pan, the company said.


Marketing manager Frank Hartmann says that by the end of 2008, the HaiKoo-pan will represent over 70 percent of company's sales of broiler pans.


Frank Hartmann says growers particularly like the fast start of the broiler chicks, which is the immediate result of the 360 degrees filling and the low pan height. The large feeding space will also have more impact.


HaiKoo offers a feeding space of 1140 mm per pan. Each pan serves up to 14 percent more birds than most round standard feeder pans. In practice, this allows growers that upgrade from natural ventilation to tunnel ventilation with pad cooling to stock more birds without exceeding the prescribed density per square meter and without investing in extra feeder lines.


At a Roxell distributor seminar, Gino Van Landuyt and Frank Hartmann honoured Gerry Bigeni of Patarker from Australia for having sold the 1 millionth HaiKoo-feeder pans for broilers.


Roxell oval pan
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