October 6, 2022


Salmon Evolution announces plans for first commercial slaughter within weeks



Norway-based Salmon Evolution, a land-based fish farmer, has announced that it will begin its first commercial slaughter within weeks at the company's facility in Indre Harøy in Møre og Romsdal county, Fish Information & Services reported.


The company said the average weight of the fish was estimated to be about 3.3kg, with some fish weighing well over 4kg.


Salmon Evolution said they are still on schedule to perform their first slaughter in the fourth quarter of this year. They also stated that Batch 1 has been split into two tanks following the completion of the facility's first fish transfer process.


Salmon Evolution is currently preparing for the upcoming smolt releases, additional fish transfer activities, and the first slaughter, which is anticipated to occur in late October or early November.


The company said thorough testing of product quality over the past few months has yielded extremely encouraging results, confirming good fish health and fillet quality, a firm meat texture, a uniform red meat colour, and excellent salmon flavour.


On July 13, Batch 2 was introduced into the factory, weighing an average of 125g. This fish's good biological performance is also reported, and the average weight is currently thought to be around 710g.


Currently, Salmon Evolution is preparing for the first slaughter, additional fish transfer activities, and upcoming smolt releases. The latter is presently anticipated to occur at the end of October or the start of November.


Salmon Evolution, a recent entrant to the market, was founded in 2017 and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.


-      Fish Information & Services

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