Vilofoss' FarrowPulse, a compound feed developed in 2017 for sows before farrowing, functions in reducing the number of stillborn piglets by providing a better muscle tonicity in sows.

FarrowPulse also has other interesting properties including an increase in milk production.

Benoit Tanguy, who is director of SAS Kerjean in Taulé Britany, France and operates a 1000-sow farm, recently commented on results achieved using FarrowPulse.

"We've been using FarrowPulse from Vilofoss on Top Feeding since March 2019. We were looking for less stillborn per litter and an easier farrowing for all sow litter ranking. We distribute Farrowpulse seven days before and three days after farrowing before the soup meal," Tanguy said.

"We observed through the performance index from 2018 to June 2020 a stability in the number of stillborn piglets despite an increase in total (number of) born piglets which is on average 16.25 piglets during the first cycle 2020. The start of lactation is better. We currently practice very few allotments at farrowing that greatly limits the work."

Tanguy added: "Since we started Farrowpulse, the average weight per litter increased from 88.25kg in 2018 to 91.43kg in 2019 and 94.9kg in 2020. Lactation is of better quality without loss weight of sows (measured results).

"Weight losses for weaning at four weeks are homogeneous and contained a maximum of 3-4mm. Sows return to heat better. The insemination period is more clustered and the number of anoestrus sows has dropped significantly, especially in summer and autumn, periods that were more difficult to manage before."

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