October 6, 2011


Russian grain production to increase this year



Russia's grain harvest in 2011 will grow to 95 million tonnes, which is higher than last year's harvest of 61 million tonnes, according to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.


According to current estimations, in the current year Russia will produce nearly 95 million tonnes of grains, including 60 million tonnes of wheat, up 18 million tonnes compared to the harvest 2010.


As of October 5, agrarians produced 90 million tonnes of grains, up 30 million tonnes compared to the same date last year. Agrarians harvested grains throughout the areas of 88% of the plan.


Putin noted that the Government provided essential support to agricultural business. In particular, the authorities prolonged the regime of discounts for gasoline and oils, allocated funds for agricultural equipment with 50% discount from the storehouses of Rosagroleasing.


According to him, in the spring Russian agrarians sowed crops throughout 50.5 million hectares, up 3.6 million hectares compared to last year.