October 6, 2008


C&H Nutrition to distribute Adiveter product in UK


C&H Nutrition has become the UK distributor for an online moisture sensor system and product dosing package that manufacturer Adiveter claims can optimise feed pelleting efficiency and reduce energy consumption.


Central to the success of the package is the wetting agent Re-Hydra Pro, which Adiveter has developed to prevent moisture loss during the pelleting or extruding process.


According to Adiveter European sales manager Rein Derksen, correct application of Re-Hydra Pro allows feed compounders to optimise end product quality and production efficiency through the use of a complete feed moisture management system.


Commenting on the new marketing agreement, C&H Nutrition business development manager Dr Alan Reeve said he had been impressed with the international trial data from feed mills in Spain and South America.


Dr. Reeve also said that after installing the Adiveter system, a number of both feed and pet food manufacturers are reporting moisture retention improvements in their end product, whilst at the same time inhibiting mould growth. Reductions in energy consumption are also being achieved.


C&H Nutrition sister company Brown and Gilmer become are the Adiveter agents in Ireland.

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