October 6, 2008


Poet LLC sets up 2 more ethanol plants in US


The opening of two more ethanol plants in Ohio, US, this month will cap off a building boom in the state over the last year.


The newest ethanol plant in Fostoria will begin production next week even though there are worries over corn prices.


Another ethanol plant is slated to open later this month, bringing the number to seven in Ohio.


The plant that opens will make 65 million tonnes of ethanol each year. Most of that will be shipped to plants that will mix it with gasoline for standard cars and trucks.


Poet LLC, the nation's largest ethanol producer, operates the plant in Fostoria and another one in Leipsic. Its plant in Marion will open near the end of October.


Mike Wagner, president of the Buckeye Renewable Fuels Association, commented that the biggest boom in ethanol construction is over and there are 180 plants now nationwide.


Plans for two other plants in Ohio are on hold right now.

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