October 5, 2021


Scotland's Atlantic salmon harvest fell 5.8% last year


Scotland's aquaculture sector harvested 192,129 tonnes of Atlantic salmon in 2020, a 5.8% drop from the year before.


According to the latest figures published by government agency Marine Scotland Science, salmon production was the second highest annual level, behind only 2019's record of 203,881 tonnes.


The production figure is included in the Scottish Fish Farm Production Survey 2020. The report shows that, in 2018, the last year for which survival can be calculated, the survival rate from smolt input to harvest increased to 75.9%.


The report also reveals that there were five escape incidents, involving the loss of 204,901 fish, from seawater Atlantic salmon sites during 2020.


Production tonnage of rainbow trout increased by 2% in 2020 to 7,576 tonnes.


- The Fish Site