October 5, 2016

Aviagen: Successful Arbor Acres road shows for KFC Philippines, CP Myanmar


Two successful road shows were held in July for KFC Philippines and CP Myanmar.


The shows emphasised the latest bird and flock management recommendations to improve live performance and provide the best-quality product for the local markets.


The events were well attended and supported by both customers, according to Aviagen. The road show programmes consisted of a number of speakers who addressed specific topics designed to improve communication and product knowledge of the customer production and support teams as well as responding to key questions from attendees. Arbor Acres has championed the effort to transfer information to customers for more than 60 years and started with the first production management school for the industry in the US in 1963.


Speakers at the road shows were selected from the Arbor Acres Asian regional team and the Aviagen global veterinary team to deliver information on key areas of flock management and to continually look for ways to improve Arbor Acres Plus performance in the Philippines and Myanmar.


Marc Baribault and Saksake Pacharadit commenced with an Arbor Acres video that conveyed the brand's history and the latest genetic improvements in the field. Stan Keimer focused on the importance of weight control and uniformity in males and females from 15 to 25 weeks and first-light stimulation. Rod Konrad spoke on how to give breeders slower feed increases from 5% to 30% production and defined feed amounts to control body weight and fleshing. Debbie Fisher talked about the correct uniformity and bodyweights to achieve good organ development and reproductive performance, along with male management practices for good fertility.  She also focused on the importance of the first 48 hours of production.


Global veterinary team member Dr. Keat Fu reviewed the impact that metabolic diseases have on production and the effects of overfeeding on egg production and the loss of feather cover during the laying phase. Dr. Young Ho addressed the diseases present in Asia.


The presentations generated a significant number of questions in both road shows. The high level of interest demonstrated the interest and motivation from the customer teams to carry improvements and embrace best practices with the customers in both markets, Aviagen said.


"We are always encouraged by the response and interaction from senior customer staff and their teams during these flock management seminars.  The willingness to improve their knowledge and performance was evident and is a critical success factor for the future for the Arbor Acres brand," commented Marc Baribault, vice president of Arbor Acres Asia.


- Aviagen

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