October 5, 2016
BIOMIN marks 25 years of Mycofix® and leading mycotoxin risk management   

BIOMIN has announced the 25th anniversary of the launch of Mycofix®, the leading mycotoxin deactivating feed additive, initially introduced in 1991.


"It's amazing to think that some customers have been using Mycofix® for 25 years. Clients in more than 100 countries recognise Mycofix® as the most effective and innovative product of its kind. It speaks to longstanding client relationships built on science, service and speed," remarked Erich Erber, BIOMIN founder and president of the supervisory board of Erber Group, of which BIOMIN is a part.


"Mycofix® represents decades of scientific research on mycotoxin deactivation and combines the most cutting-edge mycotoxin mitigation strategies available anywhere," said Ursula Hofstetter, director of the Competence Center Mycotoxins at BIOMIN.


Science first


"Robust R&D efforts have always been a core component of the Mycofix® product line," Hofstetter explained. In 1988, the firm signed its first research agreement on mycotoxin deactivation with the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, Austria. Over time, further improvements and innovative ingredients that demobilise or degrade mycotoxins have been added.


These efforts have cumulated in the development of technologies that biotransform mycotoxins into non-toxic substances, starting with Biomin® BBSH 797 to counteract trichothecenes. FUMzyme® -an ingredient in Mycofix® that detoxifies fumonisins- represents the most recent example of such strategies.


The future of mycotoxin risk management


Mycofix® now addresses a much broader range of mycotoxins than ever, making it an important tool for livestock and aquaculture producers throughout the world. Biotransformation will continue to play a key role in protecting animals.


"Three decades of research and academic cooperation tells us that biotransformation is clearly the future of mycotoxin risk management. It's targeted, irreversible and has a clear mode of action," Hofstetter outlined. "Also, it doesn't take up much room in feed formulation. Unlike other methods, it directly addresses the root cause of health and performance issues -mycotoxins- and it's the only way to successfully handle severe contamination levels."


Proven effectiveness


Mycofix® contains the only EU authorised feed additives proven to adsorb harmful mycotoxins and to biotransform mycotoxins into nontoxic metabolites. Each ingredient has been evaluated in scientific and practical relevant field trials to assure effectiveness.


- Biomin

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