October 5, 2011


Georgia to launch soy programme



The Georgian Agriculture Ministry intends to start two new programmes for soy and sunflower.


The Ministry has already imported soy and sunflower seeds to increase the exports and reduce imports.


The Agriculture Ministry said the poultry and cattle-breeding farms show the growing demand for these crops.


Deputy Agriculture Minister Konstantine Kobakhidze visited Kumisi poultry farm and received information on the farm's conditions.


Kobakhidze noted corn and grain programmes have been implemented successfully. In 2012, the government will launch soy and sunflower programmes and this is of crucial importance for poultry and cattle-breeding farms to create a forage base and replace the imports.


Kumisi poultry farm imports soy and sunflower from abroad. The farm director Gogita Maisuradze said expenditures will be considerably reduced if these crops are produced in Georgia. The prices would be also lower, he added.


"Domestic production of soya would lower production prices by at least 20-30%", Maisuradze noted.