October 5, 2011


Ukrainian grain yield increases 14.5%



As of October 3, Ukraine thrashed 40.8 million tonnes of grain, rising 14.5% in contrast to the same period last year.


Grain crops and leguminous cultures are gathered from 12.7 million hectares or 82% of the forecast. Average crop capacity of those cultures in the country makes up 32.1 centners/ha against 26.5 centners/ha last year, Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry said.


"Corn was thrashed to the amount of 5.5 million tonnes (28%) for the designated date. Its average crop capacity is 54.1 centners/ha, whereas in 2010, it was 41.8 centners/ha. Buckwheat was harvested from 0.26 million hectares (87%). The buckwheat yield reaches 0.29 million tonnes, its average crop capacity is 11.1 centners/ha against 8.3 centners/ha in the previous year. Millet was thrashed on 0.15 million hectares (92%), out of these, 0.29 million tonnes was received with average crop capacity of 19.1 centners/ha as compared with 15.2 centners/ha in 2010," the ministry added.


Soy was gathered on 0.6 million hectares (53%), 1.2 million tonnes was thrashed with crop capacity reaching 19.7 centners/ha.

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