October 4, 2011


Indonesia, Slovakia collaborate on wheat production



Both Indonesian and Slovakian presidents would sign an agreement to partner on the farming sector, in particular for wheat output in Indonesia, according to a senior Indonesian official.


The MoU on such cooperation would be signed during the visit of Slovakian President Ivan Gasparovic to Indonesia scheduled from October 9-10, Indonesian Farming Minister Siswono said.


"The Slovakian scientists said that there is wheat seed that fits for tropical atmosphere," the minister said after his meeting with the president regarding the planned Slovakian president's visit.


The minister said that the cooperation would be focused on research on possible wheat plantation in Indonesia.


However, he said that no certain areas have been selected for such a plan.


According to the minister, wheat production in Indonesia is crucial since all wheat consumed in the country is imported from foreign countries.


The minister said that the research cooperation to develop wheat plantation in Indonesia would involve scientists from the Andalas University, West Sumatra.


Indonesia previously had developed wheat plantations in high grounds located in several areas in Central Java and West Java.

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