October 4, 2011


Indonesia to build fish breeding centre



Indonesia is ready to build a fish breeding centre in West Sulawesi, said Indonesian Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Fadel Muhammad.


The minister said the fish breeding centre would help support and increase the fish production in West Sulawesi province.


He also said that with a coastline of around 677 kilometres long, West Sulawesi province has a very promising fish production potential that can raise the local people's welfare.


Therefore he said the fish production potential in the province should be run and managed properly for the improvement of local people`s economy and welfare.


According to him, the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry would help increase fish production in the province by building a fish breeding centre which has been designed by the ministry's directorate general of aquaculture.


The minister added that the fish breeding centre that would be built in 2012 was intended to increase both regional and national fish production.


Fadel said that they are hoping that fish breeding centre will increase both aquaculture and fishing operations in West Sulawesi and elsewhere.


Fadel admitted that besides building the fish breeding centre, the maritime and fisheries ministry would also aid to help the local fishermen build cages to enable to maximize their income.


West Sulawesi province has potential natural resources from agriculture, forestry, oceanic and fishery, animal husbandry to plantations.


Oceanic and fishery resources of this province produce 18,456 tonnes of fish in 2005, consisting of 37,720.4 tonnes of sea fishery and 4,364 tonnes land fishery.

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