October 4, 2008


EU still undecided on approval of GM soy variety


The EU biotech were still undecided whether to authorize imports of a genetically modified soy made by Monsanto, leaving the final decision to EU farm ministers.


The soy variety, a second-generation GM product known by its code number MON 89788, is designed to resist glyphosate Roundup Ready herbicides and also produce increased yields for farmers.


Monsanto's was seeking for the approval of the soy variety for food and feed use, not for cultivation in Europe's fields.


Europe's livestock and feed manufacturing industries have shown a keen interest in the EU authorizing more soy imports since they depend heavily on shipments of soy products.


After an inconclusive vote by the national EU experts, the application will now be sent to ministers for discussion. However, if the ministers disagree after three months and fail to muster enough consensus under the EU's weighted voting system either to approve or reject the application, the European Commission will issue a default approval.

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