October 3, 2016

Leiber GmbH appoints regional sales coordinator for APAC




Leiber Gmbh has appointed Dr. Pradeep Padmaja Jayaprasa as regional sales coordinator of Asia Pacific (APAC) for their business unit animal nutrition.


His primary responsibilities include the support of distribution partners on site and the general promotion of Leiber products in Asia, Australia and Oceania.


Dr. Jayaprasa brings a wealth of experience, predominantly in the field of aquaculture. Before joining Leiber GmbH, he focused specifically on research projects from several universities and faculties around various countries including Thailand, Malaysia and India. He was also involved in disease management, genetic manipulation and ornamental fisheries. Many of his research have been published in peer reviewed journals, books and professional magazines.


"Leiber GmbH is pleased that we (appoint) Dr. Pradeep Padmaja Jayaprasad (to expand) our customer relationships in the Asia-Pacific region. We are confident that our local distribution network will greatly benefit from his activities." Nikolaus Jungbluth, Leiber's business unit director of animal nutrition, said.

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