October 3, 2011


Russia to be one of the world's largest grain exporters



Russia's 2011 grain production will not only meet the needs of the local sector but also enable it to regain its position as one of the biggest global grain exporters, according to Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, on September 27.


According to him, the final grain production volumes will total 90 million tonnes. As a reminder, agrarians produced 61 million tonnes of grains in 2010, and in the previous year, it was 96 million tonnes.


According to him, the decline in the sphere of agriculture, which arose as a result of two-year abnormal drought, already became overcome.


The forecast of the Ministry of Agriculture for grain exports in the current season totals 20-22 million tonnes, but Viktor Zubkov, First Deputy Prime Minister, who oversees agriculture, recently announced an even higher estimate at about 23 million tonnes.