October 3, 2008


Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul to export beef to EU soon


Mato Grosso do Sul has been allowed to export frozen and chilled beef to the EU again, according to the bloc's DG-Sanco Directorate General for Health and Consumer Affairs on Thursday (October 2, 2008).


Mato Gross and Minas Gerais states as a whole have also been allowed to export to the EU. Before this, the north and south and Mato Grosso and 287 municipalities in Minas Gerais were prohibited from exporting beef to the EU.


Brazil is now waiting for the EU to confirm the announcement in the union's gazette.


This would mean 39.8 million head of Brazilian cattle will be added to the herd already allowed as a source of beef for the EU. There are currently 364 establishments certified to export to the EU.


"Now there will be around 126.8 million head available as a source of beef exports to the EU," said Ignacio Kroetz, Livestock Protection Secretary.

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