October 2, 2023


Pork exports of Santa Catarina, Brazil, rose 0.3% in August




Santa Catarina, Brazil, exported 62,300 tonnes of pork (fresh, processed, and offal) in August, up 15.8% on the previous month's exports and up 0.3% compared to August 2022.


This is the highest monthly amount of pork exported by the Brazilian state since the beginning of the historical series in 1997. The figures were released by the Ministry of Economy and analysed by the Center for Socioeconomics and Agricultural Planning (Epagri/Cepa) in the September Agricultural Bulletin.


Revenues, in turn, amounted to US$146.8 million, up 10.0% on the previous month, but down 2.1% on August 2022. This figure represents the third-best monthly result in the entire historical series. From January to August, Santa Catarina exported 435,900 tonnes of pork, with revenues of US$1.07 billion, an increase of 11.0% and 18.7%, respectively, compared to the same period in 2022.


Proportionally, Chile was the country with the biggest increase in pork purchases from Santa Catarina: 74.2% increase in terms of quantity compared to the previous month, and 89.5% growth in revenues.


The Philippines, which is the second largest destination for pork from Santa Catarina, increased its purchases by 21.3%, with an increase of 32.3% in terms of revenue. Japan, on the other hand, saw a 40.8% increase in the quantity purchased and a 23.2% increase in revenue.


According to data available at the Observatório Agro Catarinense, Santa Catarina accounted for 56.6% of the revenue generated by pork exports from Brazil this year.


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