October 2, 2019

Cherkizovo Group reinvents main brand


Russia's Cherkizovo Group has launched a comprehensive revamp of its flagship brand, Cherkizovo, the company announced on September 30.

The changes impacting both Cherkizovo's product appearance and ingredients are designed to emphasise its focus on customers, make Cherkizovo products stand out on store shelves, and expand the group's audience outreach. 

In September, Cherkizovo Group launched a revamp of its main brand representing over 300 products in the sausage and chilled meat categories.

"Our history dates back to 1974 when the Cherkizovsky Meat Processing Plant was commissioned and started manufacturing sausages under the Cherkizovo brand. Today, as we are nearing our 45th anniversary, we are convinced that our customers' loyalty was the key driver behind our flagship brand's enduring success. As customer care remains our key priority, we decided to reinvent our Cherkizovo brand so that it continues to be relevant in today's market," said Sergey Mikhailov, CEO of Cherkizovo Group.

As part of the rebranding campaign, the company improved the recipes of its sausages and ready-to-cook pork products, and, most importantly, reduced Cherkizovo's product offering by removing products that failed to meet the customers' expectations. This optimisation is expected to further enhance the quality and taste of its products.

"When working on the new design, we aimed to breathe new life into the brand, while also staying true to its underlying message: Cherkizovo shows care for you and your family by maintaining a consistently high quality of its meat and poultry products," said Victoria Duvanskaya, chief marketing officer of Cherkizovo Group.

According to consumer surveys, 81% of respondents perceive the Cherkizovo brand products and Cherkizovo Premium smoked sausages as being of higher quality thanks to revamped packaging.

Moreover, 83% of those who usually choose competitors' products reported they would be inclined to buy Cherkizovo sausages after its design makeover. Among other things, the modern packaging solution serves to increase brand awareness among the young audience.

The group has already started shipping its revamped Cherkizovo products to retail chains. From mid-October, the rebranding exercise will also be supported by a comprehensive advertising campaign.

Cherkizovo's rebranding is a part of the company's development strategy designed to maintain its position as a modern world-class food producer, Cherkizovo said.

- Cherkizovo