October 2, 2008
Cambodia's budding pig-breeding sector receives investment
ALOCAL company is set to invest US$4 million in a new slaughterhouse and facilities to control the quality of imported pigs, in an effort to boost quality in Cambodia's emerging pig-breeding industry.
The project will bring international sanitary standards to Cambodia and enable consumers to have good quality pork while controlling the sales of imported pigs, according to Mong Reththy, a Cambodian senator and co-chair of the government's Agricultural and Agro-Industry Working Group, on Tuesday (September 30, 2008).
The first phase of the project - quality control facilities to assess imported pigs - has been completed and the facilities, located on five hectares of land in Phnom Penh's Dangkor district, cost US$1 million to construct. Now operational, the facilities have a daily processing capacity of 10,000 pigs.
The second phase is the construction of a US$3 million slaughterhouse, which would be funded by contributions from the owners of existing slaughterhouses in capital Phnom Penh, said Reththy. Construction will commence next year and all equipment would be imported from Germany.
To encourage use of the new facilities' service, pig importers will be charged only 50 cents per inspected pig in the first year of operation and healthy pigs will be certified. Inspection fee will be raised to US$2 per pig in the following year.
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