October 2, 2003



South Korea Feed Firms Bought 55,000 Tons China Corn

Some member companies of the Korea Feed Association bought a total 55,000 metric tons of normal Chinese corn via private negotiations Tuesday, said traders Thursday.


A South Korea company supplied the corn at US$118.94 a ton, cost and freight, said traders who were familiar with the deal. The price does not include an additional charge of US$0.75/ton for delivery to two ports, they said.


Shipment dates will commence Dec. 27 to Jan. 15 from China to Busan and Ulsan.


KFA agreed on September 24 to buy 105,000 tons of premium Chinese corn for Incheon arrival in January, said traders earlier. The corn, with a test weight of 68 kilograms a hectoliter, was purchased via private talks from Toepfer at US$120.98/ton, C&F, said traders.