October 2, 2003



Norway Hopes To Regain Access To US Salmon Market 


The average 23.8 percent antidumping duty on Norwegian fresh whole salmon in the United States is one of several issues that to North America will likely address during his tenure.


Norway's new Fisheries Consul has confirmed that high on his tenure would be engaging the United States on several issues regarding a 23.8 percent antidumping tax imposed on fresh Norwegian whole salmon.


Consul Otto Gregussen, who has been on the job for almost two months now, said that it is definitely on his agenda during his tenure to look into issue of antidumping


"That's definitely one of the issues I'll have to work on," Gregussen said, adding that preparations are underway in Norway to address the duties, which come up for a sunset review by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the International Trade Commission in January of 2005.

Gregussen's experience includes an extensive background in both aquaculture and fisheries as managing director of the Norwegian Fish Farmers' Association and the department head of the Norwegian Fisheries Association. Besides the antidumping issue, the also former Minister of Fisheries said that he'll be monitoring yet another hot topic, the whaling issue, as well as developments in Canada's fisheries and aquaculture market.