October 2, 2003



South Korea Group Buys 25,000 Tons China Corn


South Korea's Major Feedmill Group bought 25,000 metric tons of normal-grade Chinese feed corn Thursday, said a trader familiar with the deal.


Concordia was the supplier, at US$120.40 a ton, cost and freight, he said. Shipment dates will be Dec. 15-31 for arrival in Kunsan, he said.


Tuesday, some member companies of the Korea Feed Association bought a total of 55,000 tons of normal Chinese feed corn from a South Korean company, at US$118.94/ton, C&F, said traders earlier. The price did not include an additional charge of US$0.75/ton for delivery to two ports. Shipment dates in that deal will be Dec. 27 to Jan. 15 from China to Busan and Ulsan.