October 2, 2003



Scotland's Salmon Industry Gets A Boost


Promotional efforts highlighting the benefits to health from consuming salmon has provided a boost to the Scottish Salmon Industry.


Eating oily fish, such as salmon, research has shown, is liable to reducing heart related illnesses. Nutritional values of salmon are also high, being rich in a variaty of minerals and protein.


Such focus has led to a recorded increase in Scotland's exports of high quality Label Rouge Scottish salmon to France, say the Scottish Salmon Development Project. Exports of this type of salmon has seen an increase in exports for the fifth consecutive year in 2002.


Closer to home in the UK, consumption continues to increase with the awareness levels of the health benefits of eating oil-rich fish such as salmon.


The next step, say industry sources, such as Scottish Quality Salmon and Shetland Salmon Farmers' Association, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, is to develop value added salmon products while continually maintaining a sustainable use of natural breeding grounds.