October 1, 2008


South Africa's JF Equipment introduces poultry wing processor


JF Equipment in South Africa, involved in the design, production and installation of poultry processing equipment, have added a Wing Processor machine to their catalogue.


The JF Equipment Wing Processor is designed to separate the wing of the chicken in the form of an "anatomical cut", meaning all the cuts are made through the joints of the wing into 3 sections, namely "the wingtip", "the wing centrepiece" and "the prime-wing".


"Developing a product based on the combination of simple poultry cutting principles and our engineering expertise allows for quick, simple and efficient wing separation," says Pat Young, sales director.


The Wing Processor unit is also fully protected by safety guards for a safe and secure working operation.


The Wing Processor operates at 50-60 wings per minute thanks to the design of 3 rotating slotted wheels and the 2 stainless steel cutting blades. The unit has a 1/2HP variable speed, 208-230/460V, 3Ph motor, 1/2"NPT water connection with 1 litre per minute max water consumption, and allows for 3 inches of adjustment.

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