October 1, 2003



Norwegian Salmon Exports See Huge Gains


Norway's dispatch of 11,543 tonnes of salmon last week set the year's best on record for salmon exports, registering an impressive increase of 46.3 per cent compared with the same week last year. To top it off, record volumes were match with price increases.

"We've been in a period of complex rates of exchange, but the prices have continued to rise. This is great, and just what everyone needed," said Purchaser John Hodnefjell of the salmon exporting company Coast Seafood in Western Norway, adding that he believes salmon prices will continue onwards and upwards.

The advice to fish farmers now is to delay selling, said Mr. Hodnefjell, adding that prices are likely to go up even further in the coming autumn.


According to the Norwegian Seafood Export Council, the most profitable period for salmon was in December, where export volumes for 2002 were highest at 14,334 tonnes. This year's September export volume is almost parallel to an early Christmas boost. However, the continued high export volumes throughout autumn could mean a shortage in supply of fish.