October 1, 2003


Swedish Poultry A Role Model In EU


40 representatives from the different countries of the European Union met in Sweden September as part of a meeting to constitute new and mutual directives for poultry production in the EU. The delegates praised the Swedish animal welfare programme as a model and an inspiration for the EU.


"The majority of the delegates were very impressed by the high standards that we have in the areas of animal welfare and also our salmonella control system. It shows that all the work we have invested in animal welfare truly has given good results," says Maria Donis, acting managing director at the Swedish Poultry Meat Association.


Swedish Poultry Meat Association has an official animal welfare programme, which has been developed in co-operation between government, academic researchers and consumer representatives. The authorities through The Swedish Board of Agriculture, supervise the programme, which also includes a control process for bird health and disease control. Only the best producers with the highest quality of living in the stables are allowed to have the maximum density with regard to living space witch is allowed in Sweden.