October 1, 2003



Norway To Rebuff EU Ban On Its Trout


The Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries and Norwegian Seafood Federation (FHL) are sparing no efforts in digging for information that might help in the country's battle against an EU ban on Norwegian trout.


The EU had last month (September) slapped an anti-dumping punitive ban on imports of Norwegian trout to EU member countries, alleging that Norway was guilty of dumping the fish. Norway brought the controversial matter up during an EEA Committee meeting held in Brussels with EU representatives, although no firm EU decision has been made following that.


EU representatives will meet 9 October to consider Norwegian statements on the basis of the punitive duty. Both the Director General Astrid Holtan of the Ministry of Fisheries and Director Per Dag Iversen of the Norwegian Seafood Federation have said they are working on the document that will be presented then.


Norway has until 19 October to provide details of its defence in this latest trout case, which Norwegian authorities have highlighted, holds utmost priority for the country.