September 30, 2022


Swiss voters express opposition against proposal to ban factory farming



Voters in Switzerland rejected on September 25 a proposal to ban factory farming in a referendum on whether the country's strict animal welfare laws need to be tightened further.


The government's VoteInfo App showed a provisional result of 62.86% of votes against the proposal, put to a referendum under the Swiss system of direct democracy, to make protecting the dignity of farm animals such as cattle, chickens and pigs a constitutional requirement.


VoteInfo takes voting results data collated by the Federal Statistics Office.


The farming proposal would have required the  Swiss government to set stricter rules for caring for animals, including giving them access to the outdoors and for slaughtering them. The requirements would also have covered imported animals and animal products.


The government recommended against the proposal, saying such changes would breach trade accords, increase investment and operating costs and boost food prices.


"I think in general, people are regulating themselves on their own," said Geneva resident Florian Barbon who opposed the initiative. "I don't think we need a legal framework for this."


- The Poultry Site

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