September 30, 2022


South Korea PM urges rapid actions against ASF



South Korea Prime Minister Han Duck-soo on September 29 called for officials to swiftly carry out containment measures against the African swine fever (ASF), with the nation having reported two new outbreaks of the disease.


The disease was confirmed at two separate pig farms in Gimpo and Paju, Gyeonggi Province on September 28, marking the first outbreaks in the province since October 2019.


Han told a virus response meeting that the situation in Gyeonggi Province "is more stringent than ever because many pig farms are concentrated." He instructed the agriculture ministry to swiftly implement containment measures, including culling of pigs and restriction of movement.


Additonally, Han urged tight vigilance in areas where the disease has recently been reported, or adjacent to affected farms.


South Korea reported two cases of ASF at separate farms in Gangwon Province earlier this month, which led to the culling of some 15,000 pigs.


- Yonhap News Agency

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