September 30, 2016

Nuscience to launch Babi® programme at Eurotier 2016




Nuscience, specialty division of the Royal Agrifirm Group and a global player in the animal nutrition industry, is launching a new young animal nutrition programme for piglets called Babi®.


Nuscience developed the programme to meet new market challenges posed by genetic evolution and modern rearing strategies.


As piglets need an excellent start to unlock their genetic potential, Nuscience has developed the Babi® feeding programme which consists of three piglet feeding lines: Babi® Delicious, for the highest feed intake; Babi® Dynamic, for cost-effective growth performance; and Babi® Robust, for a healthy start. The main factors determining the choice of pre-starter are the voluntary feed intake of piglets before and around weaning and the health status on the farm. The three piglet feeding lines offer farmers a perfect solution for choosing the most convenient pre-starter feed.


The new piglet feeding programme focuses on delivering high piglet quality, maintaining a high weaning weight, and reducing the need for antibiotic use. Babi® also contains Nuscience's well-known star product Babito®. Where needed, products have been optimised to fit the programme and meet customer expectations.


The program will be officially launched at the Eurotier exhibition in Hannover, Germany.

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