September 30, 2016

SANOVO to launch GraderPro at Eurotier 2016



At EuroTier in Germany, SANOVO will launch its GraderPro system described to be a great technological improvement in the egg grading industry.


The SANOVO GraderPro incorporates a long list of new technological innovations to existing techniques. 


From infeed up until each individual egg is placed in the carton, every single step in the grading process has been evaluated and improved or completely redesigned in order to create the most efficient grader to date. To achieve this, SANOVO has utilised the full extent of its 60-plus years of experience and has dedicated countless man hours to research and development.


The benefits of the SANOVO GraderPro include:


- Highest capacity in the industry, handling up to 800 cases / hour: The SANOVO GraderPro product range includes graders for 400 to 800 cases / hour (max. 288,000 eggs / hour). This is the highest grading capacity ever seen in the market and, in combination with its small footprint, this makes the SANOVO GraderPro the most efficient grader available.


- Optimum handling of every single egg: In order to ensure that all eggs are treated as gently as possible, the SANOVO GraderPro has been designed to reduce the stress placed on the eggs. The speed of the main chain / track has been reduced by as much as 25% compared to other manufacturers, thus achieving a higher grading efficiency.


- Cleaning in place (CIP): The grader has been developed and designed for easier cleaning, thus saving time, while also reducing water consumption since more water can be reused.


- Minimum maintenance and downtime: From the beginning, SANOVO set out to reduce wear and tear and hence also to reduce servicing and repair costs. Not only is the SANOVO GraderPro designed with fewer component parts but also, in case of a breakdown, most vital components can be replaced quickly and easily.


As with all other equipment designed and produced by SANOVO, the GraderPro has been thoroughly tested and its performance measured and evaluated in a live production environment. The positive results will be presented to the public for the first time at EuroTier this November.

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