September 30, 2003



North American Salmon Makes Up For Low Global Stocks 


The generally low supply of sockeye salmon from Russia and Japan will be compensated by increased production from North America is expected to cover the gap, according to Bill Atkinson's News Report.


At this point, about 56,000 tons of sockeye is expected to be available on the Japanese market, roughly the same as last year's supply of 55,300 tons.

Much of the focus of this year's fishery was on Alaskan production. With a strong canned market and an increased demand for fresh sockeye salmon in the domestic US market, many felt that the supply of frozen sockeye for the Japanese market would be down this year.

Canned production was up -- about 1.03 million cases were produced in Alaska, about 150,000 cases in Canada -- but good runs in many of the fisheries allowed for an increase in the overall supply of frozen sockeye for the Japanese market. (HKS) .