September 29, 2022


More than 3 million cattle in Indonesia vaccinated against food-and-mouth disease


Indonesia's Task Force for FMD (food-and-mouth disease) Handling said 3,038,262 cattle in the country had received FMD vaccination as of September 25, Antara reported.


The task force announced the vaccination of 2,831,965 cows, 59,911 buffalo, 29,729 sheep, 72,881 goats, and 43,776 swine.


According to the task force's data, FMD had affected livestock, primarily cows, in 300 districts and cities across 25 provinces in Indonesia.


539,805 animals had been infected as of this writing; 420,936 of them have recovered, 97,447 are still receiving treatment, and 9,178 have perished.


There were 511,176 cows, 22,400 buffalo, 1,909 sheep, 4,232 goats, and 88 swine among the animals affected by FMD. 397,913 cows, 18,718 buffalo, 1,364 sheep, 2,861 goats, and 80 swine among the livestock that have been deemed cured.


While waiting for recovery, 92,391 cows, 3,365 buffalo, 482, sheep, 1,204 goats, and 5 swine have all perished.


In Indonesia, there were 8,834 cows, 215 buffalo, 41 sheep, and 85 goats that died from FMD.


Riau, West Sumatra, West Java, Yogyakarta, Central Java, East Java, West Nusa Tenggara, and South Sulawesi are among the provinces that have been designated FMD-red zones.


The task force said FMD was discovered in the province of East Java on May 5, 2022.


Professor Wiku Adisasmito, the coordinator of the expert team for the FMD handling task force, emphasised the necessity of tightening cattle traffic regulations between the red and green zones.


As one of the steps to stop the spread of FMD, the FMD Task Force also advises local governments with green zone status to strictly monitor the traffic of livestock and fresh animal products.


At the moment, livestock traffic between red and green zones is restricted and tightened by the government.


-      Antara

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