September 29, 2021


Tasmania, Australia to release 10-year salmon plan late next year


The government of Tasmania, Australia, has announced it will release the state's new 10-year salmon plan near the end of 2022 for commencement the year after.


Earlier this month, the government announced it would draw up a new vision for salmon production in the state over the next 12 months. It placed a moratorium on a net increase of leased farming areas in Tasmanian waters over this period and stated future growth would be in land-based fish farming and farming further from Tasmania's shorelines.


Primary Industries Minister Guy Barnett recently released a timeline for development of the plan. He said it would release an issues paper in the second or third quarter of 2022 and conduct public consultation from there, including through a salmon forum and regional public meetings.


There would then be a draft released of the 10-year plan and a second forum and second round of public regional meetings.


Barnett said the final version of the salmon plan would be released in the final quarter of 2022.


The government has indicated the plan would include an industry fee structure with revenue to be reinvested into compliance and monitoring under a full cost recovery basis.


There were $3.6 million in fees and levies collected over the 2020-21 licence period.


The gross value of production of Tasmanian salmonids, including salmon and trout, was $888 million in 2019-20.


Industry reporting to the government indicated there were 1,734 full-time equivalent jobs in the sector in 2020-21 and 199 casual jobs.


- The Examiner