September 29, 2011


Tyson Fresh Meats recalls ground beef due to E. coli



About 131,300 pounds of ground beef that might be infected with E. coli is being recalled by Tyson Fresh Meats Inc.


The US Department of Agriculture announced Wednesday (Sep 28) that it became aware of the problem when Ohio health authorities reported that a family in Butler County had become ill with E. coli. Ground beef in the family's home tested positive for the bacteria.

Products from Kroger-brand ground beef; Butcher's Brand beef and generic label beef which were all produced August 23 were among those being recalled.


The Kroger beef was distributed in Tennessee and Indiana; the Butcher's beef in North and South Carolina and the generic beef in Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin.


Tyson Foods did not immediately respond to a request for comment.